Almond Festival

Almond Festival is a tradition where I live.  It’s the invitation to Spring and a  reminder that the seasons are changing.  It takes place from Esparto to Rumsey, the last Sunday in February, which is an amazing stretch of almond orchards and blossoms.

My hubby has a motorcycle, so the drive was even more fun.  I feel like I can see more and smell the fresh blossom air.

We hit the road and made our way from Woodland to Esparto which is a 20-minute ride.Almond FestivalAlmond FestivalA rare selfie.Almond FestivalWe made it to Esparto where we were greeted with an abundance of fried food.  So much for the Paleo diet I was attempting.Almond FestivalApparently, a lot of other people also like riding motorcycles up the Valley.Almond FestivalAlmond FestivalAnnually, a local tribe performs a traditional dance.Almond FestivalCome July and August the hills won’t be so green, but I will take it for now.Almond FestivalAlmond FestivalFinally, we make it to our final destination.  It’s a combination of delicious food, vendors, and talented artisans.Almond FestivalAlmond FestivalFresh pizza.Almond FestivalAlmond infused homemade ice cream.Almond FestivalIt’s a rare occasion that my step-daughter Tori join us, but our good friend Pete was happy to give her a ride.Almond FestivalAlmond FestivalMy sweet hubby, Tom, and his sister Cindy.Almond FestivalToday was a reminder that I need more fun days.  It is a rare occasion that I have a day off and get to truly relax.  Life is short, enjoy the ride.