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Yummy Layered Italian Dip

Yummy Layered Italian Dip

With the 4th of July right around the corner, I thought you might enjoy this new recipe that I have been making.  My family and I love this dip.  You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to make this but with the upcoming holiday it is the perfect time to try it.The White BarnLayered Italian Dip
8 oz softened cream cheese
1/2 cup mayonnaise
1/4 cup basil pesto sauce
1/4 cup chopped artichoke hearts
1 cup chopped roasted peppers
1 cup shredded Italian blend cheese

Mix cream cheese and mayonnaise together.  Spread onto your dish.  Add the layer of basil pesto, then artichoke hearts and roasted peppers.  Top with cheese.  Serve with your choice of crackers.

The White Barn

Enjoy this amazing dip and the Fourth of July.

God Bless Merica!

Grain Sack Inspired Accent Table

Grain Sack Inspired Accent Table

French grain sacks have been in style for quite some time.  As of late, it’s popularity is flowing over into many types of home decor.  It’s influence can be seen in fabric, table runners, throw pillows etc., and now accent tables.IMG_0045




I will show you how I updated and transformed these worn out side tables to have a fresh new look with just a little paint.

I got ahead of myself and forgot to take a picture of the whole table, so use your imagination and you will see the whole table at the end of the post.

First things first, the table had some water damage which caused the wood to separate slightly.  I needed to add wood filler to fill in the gap.  This is super easy.  Just squirt the filler into the gap and scrap off the excess with a flat edge or putty knife.The White BarnThe White BarnAfter letting the filler dry I sanded the area just slightly.  I then painted the piece with Maison Blanche Ivory Chalk Paint, which I sell at the store.  After the piece thoroughly dried I found the center of the tabletop as a reference point to where I wanted to add my stripes.The White BarnMark the center.  You can see in the photo where the wood had separated but when the piece is completed it will barely be noticeable.The White BarnAfter the center has been marked it is time to add the tape for your stripes.  I just had to eyeball it from here, making sure my tape was even.The White BarnI chose grey paint for my stripe.  It is the perfect neutral.  I applied 2 coats.The White BarnAfter it is dry remove the tape.  The next step is optional.  I wanted to add numbers for a little more interest.  I cut the numbers out of thick card stock on my Cricut Machine.

Using a stencil brush I tapped/pounced black paint onto my stencil.  Remember to not have too much paint on your brush or it will bleed.The White BarnAfter the stencil dried I sanded the edges and top of the piece to add a worn appearance.  I then added a light brown wax to created a more aged look.The White BarnWaalaa!  These tables would make great night stands or side tables.  This project was fun and easy but with great style.

Hello Ms. Teresa

Hello Ms. Teresa

About a month ago I introduced you to one of my talented vendors, Betty Rickard.  I am so happy to announce that Teresa Dodge, a talented decorator and treasure hunter, has also joined team White Barn.

Teresa and I initially met in my store while she was shopping.  We struck up a conversation and the rest is history.  We both love to hunt for treasures and good deals.  When she heard I had space to rent in the new store it was a no brainer.  She was onboard.

Teresa is not a Woodland native and has only lived here a couple of years. She and her husband, Mark, bought a beautiful home on the corner of Buena Tierra and Jimeno.  The house had great bones but with Teresa’s decorating expertise made this gem really shines.

Her husband, Mark, retired from the Military, where he was stationed at Travis Air Force Base.  After that they lived in Suisun, Vacaville, and Dixon, where they raised their two boys. Mark’s work took him to Florida and then they eventually landed in Seattle were they stayed for the next 16 years before heading back to this area.

Teresa really developed her love of thrift stores and bargain shopping while in Florida and Seattle.  She loved decorating their home and her husband’s office.  Teresa has a very eclectic style but it works, she manages to pull it all together.

Her home is a classic ranch style.  I love the inviting exterior.  It is simple and clean.IMG_7815Once inside the front door you are greeted by a lovely front entry display and it gives you a feel for the wonderful things to come.IMG_7800Right off the entry is the Family Room, which is my favorite in the house.  It houses all of Teresa’s collections which she has a real talent for.  Check out the ceiling.  It is just heavenly with it’s whiteness and beams and shiplap.  I could live in this room.  Right away you see one of her collections, black vases and containers above the window.IMG_7799To the right of the window is this adorable secretary.  This cabinet contains Teresa’s shell and white pottery collections.IMG_7810To the right of the secretary, but on the same wall is another cabinet of collections, suitcases, bottles, corks, etc.  I love her use of dark furniture pieces with light colored walls and ceilings.IMG_7811Off of this room is the guest bedroom.  It is simple, clean and inviting.  The architectural salvaged piece above the bed was found in Seattle.  She thought she overpaid for this piece at $100, but it could easily go for 3 or 4 times that amount now.IMG_7801Next stop is the living room, where her collection of books and pottery resides.  Comfy chairs make it easy to grab a book and take a load off.IMG_7803On another wall is Teresa’s collection of antlers and horns.IMG_7804Last stop on our tour was the backyard.  Last November and December we had our light up sign class at The White Barn.  Teresa did her last name for her patio and it turned out adorable.IMG_7807So now that you have a glimpse into Teresa’s style head down to The White Barn and check out her space.  She has great stuff and I am always shopping her booth.IMG_7817

Summer Getaway

Summer Getaway

One of our favorite family getaways is the ocean. More specifically, a tiny campground about an hour past Bodega Bay called Ocean Cove.  Most people haven’t heard about this little gem, but it has been a favorite of ours.  It is a hot spot for abalone divers.  Since Tom ab dives this has become an annual Memorial Weekend tradition.

Having said that, this Memorial Weekend will be our last.  Apparently the word is out and we took the last camping spot on Thursday night at 5:00pm.  I forgot to mention, they don’t take reservations.  Typically this wasn’t a problem, but this weekend it was packed.  So, in the future we just won’t go on a holiday weekend.

In addition to the beautiful surroundings, I believe the increase in popularity is due to the low cost of staying there.  It is only $27.00/night.  Some campgrounds are over $100/night making it difficult for a lot of families to camp.  There are coin operated showers and a little general store.  It has a boat ramp as well.  In addition, it is very family and dog friendly.

If you just can’t handle the whole camping thing  they have a little hotel across the road for $100/night.  They are by no means fancy rooms, but they are clean.The White BarnTom and Dylan suiting up.The White BarnDylan and his friend Ace, heading to the water.The White BarnFresh catch.The White BarnCleaning the fish.The White BarnThe White BarnTom is not camera shy.The White BarnMe and my shadow.The White BarnWhen we aren’t fishing or diving we head to Hippie Cove.  It’s my favorite place to look for sea glass.The White Barn The White BarnThe biggest stick he could find.The White BarnTime to pound the abalone.The White BarnThe White BarnFishing and diving buds.The White BarnJust thought this was funny.  When you gotta go, you gotta go.The White BarnThe best part about camping is the fire.The White BarnMe and Sugar Burger.The White Barn The White Barn The White Barn The White BarnMe and my hubby.The White BarnThe end to the perfect weekend getaway.

Head to Ocean Cove for a long weekend this Summer.  I hope you enjoy it as much as we have.

Pink Panty Dropper Summer Cocktail

Pink Panty Dropper Summer Cocktail

My niece by marriage, Meredith, is pregnant with her second child.  Her first, JD, was a boy and since this baby is a girl we of course had to celebrate.

I am not alone in my love for deer, antlers, and pink camo.  Just about everyone in my family is just as fond.  So it was fitting that a baby shower for Maci Mae, my mother’s namesake, should have this theme.The White BarnThe prettiest pregnant mama ever.The White BarnPaper and tulle pom pom’s.The White BarnGold glittered deer embellishments.The White BarnA clothe diaper cake.The White BarnThe White BarnWe wrote an inspirational note on the butt of a diaper to encourage the parents for those late night diaper changes.The White BarnThe cake, with chocolate antlers.The White BarnCupcakes.The white barnLast, but not least, my favorite part of the shower.  This amazing adult punch/beverage.  With summer parties right around the corner I thought you might enjoy this summer cocktail that is a crowd pleaser.  It is delicious, refreshing, and pretty.

The fitting name of this cocktail……………

Pink Panty Dropper
2 cans frozen pink lemonade concentrate
refill each lemonade can full with vodka (24oz total)
4 cans light beer
1 (2 liter) bottle of 7up
Mix and serve. Delish!

Try this recipe.  You won’t be disappointed.