Author: Sheila


El Dorado Casserole

I know it is hard to think about Fall with the Summer heat still looming, but I am so ready. Dreaming about Fall and cooler weather has got me craving…
The White Barn

Hello Ms. Teresa

About a month ago I introduced you to one of my talented vendors, Betty Rickard.  I am so happy to announce that Teresa Dodge, a talented decorator and treasure hunter,…
White Barn

Summer Getaway

One of our favorite family getaways is the ocean. More specifically, a tiny campground about an hour past Bodega Bay called Ocean Cove.  Most people haven't heard about this little…
The Big Move

The Big Move

Last Saturday was the big day to move the store.  A lot of people asked how I was going to do it.  Was I nervous or scared.  It needed to…