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Bedroom Remodel

Bon jour Y’all,

I hope you are well and ready for some bedroom inspiration.

Remember some time back I did a post on matching paint.  I had wanted to match my closet door rail to the door knob.  Well, I am so happy with the results.  I did the rail in Benjamin Moore – Deep River.  It turned out great.




My headboard is two old window screens.  I added a magnolia wreath to the screens.  I love the simplicity.


IMG_0258I love my little night stand, lamp, and throw with pom pom’s


Although somewhat embarrassing, I have promised myself to “keep it real” on the blog.  These are my before-before photos of my bedroom.  I could have probably won a “ugliest bedroom” contest.  It had everything that was bad about early 90’s decorating.  The burgundy walls, mauve carpet, white ceiling, oak trim – need I say more.  I couldn’t wait until it was time to tackle this room.

We did the floors first.  Original hard wood was under that beautiful carpet.  We did have to refinish them as you can see there was some damage.

IMG_1224 IMG_1223

Excuse the collection of tequila bottles below.  As you can tell, I cared nothing about making this room pretty or decorating.  Nothing I did was going to make it better until we refinished the floors and painted the walls.

IMG_1222 IMG_1221


I know it is hard to see, but on the right side of the above photo you can see a bath tub.  That is now my closet with the sliding barn door.  Not sure why there was a tub there.  So glad it is gone. This space became my closet.


I still have projects to do before the room is complete, but I can now sleep peacefully.


I hope this encouraged you that every room has possibility.  Paint and flooring are huge.  After that, decorating is in the details.  I have lived in this home for 8 years and just got to this room.  It takes time to remodel a house so don’t get discouraged.  It will happen.  Until next time, happy decorating.