Dirty Little Secret

When people come to the store they often ask me about my own home.  They say, “your house must be decorated so adorably.”  They do not believe me when I tell them that it is not and needs a lot of work!

Well, today is the day that I am going to share my dirty little secret.  The “before” of my bedroom.  It is frightening.  There was dark burgundy walls, mauve carpet, and a bathtub in the bedroom.  That’s right, not in the bathroom…IN THE BEDROOM.Before_2Praise the lord there was hardwood underneath the carpet.  It needed to be refinished but was a much-needed improvement over the mauve carpet.BeforeI must have been too traumatized to take a photo head on of the bathtub.  You can only get a glimpse of it to the right of this photo.  See, I wasn’t kidding, it’s in the bedroom.Before_carpetSo over the past year, I have been gathering inspiration from Pinterest eagerly awaiting the day to redo our bedroom.  Well,  the day has finally come and I am so excited.  These are my inspiration photos.fd9a932f8246d300abc27ea1ad7ecea0 de09e7e1a9c936be76b9abbaf7dc0fa3 a4620c812362d85d69352a13fb40754e a10f9ce28314dfb4bf5cbb52e705e6e9 327deedfec9b18d3c441c43e256da07c 68bfbc2ec7b861ed4551c03d5db5cf33 6f4cbfdb5566e40c0c0232149c2ccf28 3f9c750beb6ea812bf5e0ea768b1d788The last photo is important.  Remember the bathtub?  Well, we ripped that out and made that space a closet.  Since the bedroom is small I wanted a barn door for the closet to save on space.  In addition, I just love the look.

After photos of our new closet.Door after Door after_1We found this door at Summer Cottage Antiques in Petaluma.  It was the perfect size and patina.So the renovation has begun.  Floors refinished, walls painted Swiss Coffee from Benjamin Moore, and closet door installed.  I will keep you posted on the next phase, but we are off to a good start.