Grain Sack Inspired Accent Table

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French grain sacks have been in style for quite some time.  As of late, it’s popularity is flowing over into many types of home decor.  It’s influence can be seen in fabric, table runners, throw pillows etc., and now accent tables.


Picture from Pinterest



Picture from Pinterest


Picture from Pinterest

I will show you how I updated and transformed these worn out side tables to have a fresh new look with just a little paint.

I got ahead of myself and forgot to take a picture of the whole table, so use your imagination and you will see the whole table at the end of the post.

First things first, the table had some water damage which caused the wood to separate slightly.  I needed to add wood filler to fill in the gap.  This is super easy.  Just squirt the filler into the gap and scrap off the excess with a flat edge or putty knife.

The White Barn

The White Barn

After letting the filler dry I sanded the area just slightly.  I then painted the piece with Maison Blanche Ivory Chalk Paint.  After the piece thoroughly dried I found the center of the tabletop as a reference point to where I wanted to add my stripes.

The White BarnMark the center.  You can see in the photo where the wood had separated but when the piece is completed it will barely be noticeable.

The White Barn

After the center has been marked it is time to add the tape for your stripes.  I just had to eyeball it from here, making sure my tape was even.

The White Barn

I chose grey paint for my stripe.  It is the perfect neutral.  I applied 2 coats.

The White BarnAfter it is dry remove the tape.  The next step is optional.  I wanted to add numbers for a little more interest.  I cut the numbers out of thick card stock on my Cricut Machine.

Using a stencil brush I tapped/pounced black paint onto my stencil.  Remember to not have too much paint on your brush or it will bleed.

The White BarnAfter the stencil dried I sanded the edges and top of the piece to add a worn appearance.  I then added a coat of Maison Blanche light brown wax to achieve an aged look. This is your top coat and sealer.  You don’t need to apply another top coat.

The White BarnWaalaa!  These tables would make great night stands or side tables.  This project was fun and easy but with great style.