Honey And Cheese Pairings

I love this cheese board trend we are having.  It’s that perfect little bite you need when entertaining.  It’s also great to take to a gathering of family or friends.  I love cheese.  Just about any cheese.  This trend makes me happy and I hope it doesn’t go away any time soon.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am from Woodland CA, which has a lot of bee keepers.  So it makes sense we also have a lot of honey.

One of my dear friends, Robin,  has such a farm, Harlen Farms also known as Henry’s Bullfrog Bees & PURE Honey.  The amazing thing about their honey is that she has developed several flavors.  Fun flavors.  Ones I would have never imagined.

My favorite honey and cheese pairing is Habanero Honey with Brie or White Cheddar.  Don’t be scared, it has a very subtle and mild heat.  This pairing is amazing.  Imagine this on a cheese board with other cheeses, nuts, and fruit.  So yummy.


They recommend always serving these honey and cheese pairings with a very simple cracker such as a water  or rice cracker.  You don’t want to distract from all the wonderful flavors.

Next we have Laura Channel Goat Cheese with Wild Flower Honey and fresh raspberries.  This could be served with crackers and/or baguette.


Next we have goat cheese on baguette drizzeled with Lavender Honey, fresh blueberries and walnuts.  This could be a meal.  I also love the Lavender Honey in hot tea.


This next one isn’t a cheese pairing but I occasionally add this to my cheese board.  I love fresh apples, even better apples with caramel.  I mean Caramel Honey.  Yes, Caramel Honey.  I also love this in my coffee and over ice cream.  I am currently going through a jar a week.  Lol


If you are local, the honey is available at A Well Stocked Home .  For all you out-of-town’ers  you can order PURE honey here.

You can also get the recipe for my Sweet Honey Iced Tea here on the blog.

Do you have a favorite honey/cheese pairing?  I’d love to hear from you.