My Style Tips

Have you had a hard time figuring out your style? It took me awhile to figure out mine.  I feel like I am constantly tweaking it too.   It has probably just been the past five years that I figured out what looked best on me and felt comfortable with that.  Of course, I take into account the trends but overall my look stays pretty consistent.  I thought it would be fun to share what works for me and the staples in my closet that I couldn’t live without.My StyleFirst, I want to start with the items you can’t see.  Ladies please get properly fitted and invest in a good bra.  I was wearing a 36C.  I went to Nordstrom and was fitted for a 32DDD.  Now the girls are where they are suppose to be.  My favorite underwear is the Hanky Panky thong.  It is the only thong that doesn’t feel like one.  They are expensive so I just buy them one at a time.  I feel better now, I just had to put that out there.6fc1b3656ff31282b4b4a4f24b44e1aaLet’s start from the top.  Find a pair of sunglasses you love.  I got these Coach Aviators five years ago and I still love them.  I took them to Costco and had my prescription put in them.My StyleI pretty much wear hoops everyday.  I think they look good and they are easy.  I also usually pair my outfits with a blingy necklace.  I know this isn’t for everyone.  Very simple jewelry is very in right now.  It’s what you are comfortable with, but add something.  It’s the finishing touch to an outfit.  I also wear a leather cuff most days.  It balances all my bling.

It doesn’t matter what I am wearing I always wear a cami.  I feel like it just smoothes everything out.

Grey is my black.  I don’t look good in black or white so grey is the perfect neutral for me.  I buy tops from all types of places. I don’t usually spend a lot on tops because I am so hard on them.  I get pretty lucky at Marshall’s.  I bought the top I have on in the photo from Salvation Army for $3.00.

It’s a good thing  I don’t spend a lot on tops because from the waist down it starts to get pricey.  My favorite jeans in the world right now are from Rag & Bone.  I try not to wear them every day, but it’s hard.  So brace yourself, these bad boys are over $200.  I just have one pair and they will last years.  It was worth it because I love how they fit so much.7694018c9294d3ccbcc5fc816ede3799Next, comes the booties.  I love my Lucky brand booties.  They come in several colors.  I could run a mile in these boots, they are so comfy.  The usually run about $120 but they are on sale at Nordstrom for $80.00 right now.My Style9f58d4a4a47131cba42b02fab5223e67I feel like I have channeled Joanna Gaines‘ style except for my blingy jewelry.  She likes very simple jewelry.  She always has on a simple top, distressed jeans, and booties or knee height boots.  Casual and fun.1ef97b5c619aa43e7f923fa1c12b5a72 443fd42421bdf351e75a8c3563fbdc6aLast, but not least, you need a great bag.  I like natural leather ones.  The one I am wearing in the photo is from haven a boutique in Woodland.  It is reasonable at $120.My Style_2I hope this has given you ideas of fun pieces you can incorporate into your style and wardrobe.  Happy shopping.