New Year Road Trip

A road trip to the Oregon Coast was the carrot I had been dangling to get me through the busy Holiday season.  I was so excited, plus it would give me and my hubby much needed time together.

I choose the Oregon Coast because I had never been and tales of others promised great treasure hunting.  I also love the ocean.

Well, our trip started on the same day of the worst reported storm in Oregon in over a century.  Really?  With the road conditions and closures, it just wasn’t gonna happen.  Plan B.  This was a good lesson in “go with the flow”.



Sugar was so happy to be with us.2017-road-trip_twb-4-of-19

Mount Shasta was beautiful.

Next stop we took a lateral drive to Burney to visit my picker friend, Steve Luck.  This was a lot of fun.  He has more treasures than I do, which is rather amazing.2017-road-trip_twb-8-of-19

These are the treasures he will make amazing things out of, and this is just the driveway.2017-road-trip_twb-9-of-192017-road-trip_twb-19-of-19

I learned how to put on chains.

Next stop was Redding.  I got some great treasures there.  The best stores were:
Cottage Garden
Oregon Street Antiques
Trends Antiques

After all that shopping it was time for a good meal.  We had a great burger at Maxwell’s.2017-road-trip_twb-11-of-19

We ended our trip in RedBluff.  My parents have owned property there for 20 years and I have never been there when it snowed, so this was a treat.  It was beautiful.2017-road-trip_twb-15-of-19 2017-road-trip_twb-14-of-19 2017-road-trip_twb-13-of-19

So the Oregon Coast is a trip for a warmer time of year.  Everything worked out the way it was suppose to.  We reconnected with old friends and spent much needed time together.  It was a nice way to enter this new year.  Refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to rock 2017.