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Hello Ms. Teresa

About a month ago I introduced you to one of my talented vendors, Betty Rickard.  I am so happy to announce that Teresa Dodge, a talented decorator and treasure hunter, has also joined team White Barn. Teresa and I initially met in my store while she was shopping.  We... read more

Summer Getaway

One of our favorite family getaways is the ocean. More specifically, a tiny campground about an hour past Bodega Bay called Ocean Cove.  Most people haven’t heard about this little gem, but it has been a favorite of ours.  It is a hot spot for abalone divers.... read more

Pink Panty Dropper Summer Cocktail

My niece by marriage, Meredith, is pregnant with her second child.  Her first, JD, was a boy and since this baby is a girl we of course had to celebrate. I am not alone in my love for deer, antlers, and pink camo.  Just about everyone in my family is just as fond.  So... read more