Spring Glittered Eggs

March is here.  I am a March baby, so no wonder my favorite season is Spring.  It’s time to add touches of Spring and Easter to our homes and brighten things up a little.  One of my favorite ways to add touches of Spring is with nests and eggs.

It’s no secret I love glitter, in fact, I have a small glitter problem.  I thought it would be fun to glitter some eggs. This project is super easy.  You could get together with friends or family and have a glitter fest.  This is also a super sweet gift or sentiment.

Let’s get started……..

You will need paper eggs.  I found mine at Joannes.  You will also need Mod Podge matte, a sponge brush, and glitter.  Michaels has a great multi-colored glitter pack.mod podgeI really needed a smaller sponge brush, but I didn’t want to make another run to the store.  I did one color at a time and one color per plate so that I didn’t mix the glitters up.  Thoroughly cover each egg with the Mod Podge using the sponge brush and sprinkle with glitter.  So as not to waste that precious glitter pour the leftover back into the bottle.

My picker friend, Teresa, is always on the lookout for fun stuff for my store.  She picked up these precious little baskets for $1.20 at a thrift store.  They were just what I needed for this project.mod podgeI did a trio of eggs in the popular metal tones, my favorite turquoise, and amazing pinks.  You can use a variety of nesting.  I used moss and shredded paper.  I then stamped a small tag and attached it with a simple ribbon.

The turquoise is probably my favorite just because it’s my go to accent color.Processed with VSCO with s2 presetmod podgeWho doesn’t love pink?  Pairing the pink with the gold basket is just dreamy.mod podgemod podgemod podgemod podgeEvery Easter we have egg coloring parties, so this year have an egg glittering party with friends and family.  In fact, I’ll keep you posted, I think I am gonna do that.

March is the time to clean out, refresh, redo.  In addition, add small touches of nature and Spring.  Small changes can have a big impact.  A small nest of glittered eggs can actually make your day.  Happy Spring!mod podge