Fourth of July flag banner, seashells and vintage black and white photo with boxwood wreath on mirror above mantel

Summer Decorating Chapter II

Today I continue my Phase II of Summer decorating with a splash of Americana.

A couple of years ago I made this bunting for my sons birthday party.  As his is birthday is July 13th, I thought it perfectly fitting to have his birthday theme be Red, White, & Blue.  I can’t tell you how often I have used this bunting for other occasions, case in point – this Summer decor.

As you can see, I have an assistant, Cole.  He loves to be wherever I am and especially when I am decorating.


I simply cut triangles of fabric and sewed them to a strip of fabric.  You could also glue or staple if sewing is not an option.


The white urn and mossy spheres are always on my mantel as is the boxwood wreath ( I put a small nail above the mirror and attached wreath with fishing line).  I just added a flag, vintage picture and some shells and bottles.


This mason jar full of sand, shells and treasures was a collection of items from a vacation to Santa Cruz CA in 2006.  I cherish this vacation in a bottle because the dear friend that I shared this vacation with, along with her husband and 3 children, were killed later that year in a horrific automobile accident.  Sometimes mementos become even more important over time.


I took this picture of my son, in color, in 2009.  I imagined it in black & white with just the flag in color.  My friend, Al, finally created my vision and I love it.


I then had to replace the vintage picture I had on the mantel.


I had to add the following photo because I purchased this vintage flag pillow for my sofa. I just love it.  It is stained and has holes and I love it.  It is perfectly vintage and weathered.


The $20 investment was well worth it and I will get many years of decorating joy out of it.  FYI – my sofa is Ethan Allen and I purchased it from Salvation Army for $75.  Score!


Again, I hope this inspired you to add small touches of Summer to your decor creating a sense of the season.  When I seasonally decorate I appreciate the time I am in and of course, dream of how I will decorate the next season.

Au Revoir Y’all,