Turquoise colored vintage bottles and a black star behind letter, Summer Decorating With A Splash of Americana

Summer Decorating – With A Splash Of Americana

Oh my goodness.  I can’t believe we are at the tail end of June.  I intended to prepare this post weeks ago and then, bam, the fourth of July preparations have begun.  I know we often say, “time flies” but seriously, I’m afraid to blink.

So, you are getting my Summer decorating updates and splashes of Fourth of July all at once.  No time to waste.

I refreshed this display piece that is just off my front door entry.  I try to do seasonal decorating here as it is what people see when they enter my home.


I often get asked my technique for decorating shelves and what is the method to my madness.  I’m self taught and have practiced a lot, at times taking hours to do a simple piece like this. Visually, I am happiest when colors or objects zig zag.  I will try to demonstrate.

In the picture below you see how I have turquoise bottles on the top shelf, 2nd shelf I offset some turquoise books and then 3rd shelf zig zag to the vintage truck.  I don’t want the turquoise items all on one shelf or directly under each other.


In the next photo I have something dark or black on each shelf.  This time I angled each item so that there was something on each shelf but again, not right under each other.  I have black coral on the top shelf, binoculars on the 2nd shelf, and a vintage camera on the 3rd shelf.


Lastly, I wanted to add just a touch of Americana.  Top shelf a small star, 2nd shelf some flags and the 3rd shelf I didn’t have anything I was loving, so we will count the red emblem on the vintage truck.


I then fill in with neutral colored items. WaaLaa!  I hope I explained this somewhat and that the arrows helped.

In the first photo you can see this cute little white table.  It is hollow, and a shadow box of sorts.  I use this to store my foreign currency collection.  Omg, sometimes I sound like such a nerd.  I also have other interesting collectables – poker chips, flattened carnival pennies, and an old whiskey bottle.  The fresh hydrangeas are amazing.


I just have to tell you a fun little story about the picture I have hanging next to the hutch. As you can imagine, I love a garage sale.  I came across this watercolor and instantly fell in love.  I had on my glasses, but still couldn’t see the artist signature.

Some time ago, my dad told me about an Aunt that I had named Millie.  Great Aunt to be exact, my grandfathers sister.  She was an artist.  My dad had an oil painting by her that he gave to me.

When I got home from the garage sale I took a closure look and much to my surprise it was signed by Millie Rooney.  I couldn’t believe it.  What a find and a treasure.


A closer look at some of the items on the shelves.


I love the vintage binoculars, the sea fan and coral.



My sea glass collection, sorted by colors, of course.


I love my turquoise, vintage Tonka truck.

IMG_0283 IMG_0284

I hope this post inspired you for your Summer decorating and that you learned a bit about styling shelves.

Au revior Y’all