Sweet Honey Iced Tea

I am lucky enough to live in an agricultural rich community.  We have a lot of farming in our area.  One that has grown in popularity over the last couple of years is bee keeping and honey processing.  We just wrapped up the Second Annual California Honey Festival 2018, here in Woodland, CA.  I can’t believe how successful this wonderful event has been.  We were surprised last year, it being our first year, there were 20,000 in attendance.  This years estimates have been around 35,000.

My girlfriends own the most adorable home decor boutique, called A Well Stocked Home.  I was helping them out during the festival.  This was our amazing crew that day.  I am in the back far left, looking like Lucy Ricardo.

31950319_1614163438679137_5344110734194245632_nWe wanted to give the attendees and customers a little refreshment incorporating local honey that they sell at the store.  I came up with this fun iced tea sweetened with honey.  Add some fresh fruit and mint and you have a beautiful, yummy, refreshing drink.


The girls came up with this cute name, “Sweet Bee Tea”.  The honey brand is “Pure” and we used the Wildflower flavor.

To create the sweetener, which basically is a simple syrup, I took 2 cups hot water and added 6 oz. of honey.  I stirred it for about one minute until it was completely dissolved.


Add the sweetener to your tea to your liking.


I found these infused water recipes from Pinterest, but I thought these would also work well with ice tea.  For a special occasion you could have an ice tea and water bar.


Lots of fun options for this Summer.  I hope you enjoy.