Ultimate Guide to Matching Paint

For the longest time I had no idea how to match paint colors.  Then I realized nobody else new how to match paint colors either.  I asked my local Benjamin Moore dealer (All Seasons Paint) how to do that.  He said, “oh that’s easy, we have a little device that can do that”.  Problem solved.

Why would you need to match paint colors?  Say you move into a new house, you like the wall color but have no idea what the color is and you need to do touch up.  You have fabric that you love and want to coordinate paint for a bedroom. Yada, Yada, Yada!

For all you locals, you now know where to go, All Seasons Paint.  If you aren’t in my area, ask your local paint store if they have this little device (Paint Color Calculator).  Otherwise, I have an alternative.

So, I began with my bedroom.  I installed a sliding barn door to the entrance of my closet ( I would like to add that the previous owners of my home had a bathtub in this area, not in the bathroom, no, in the middle of the room, enough said).  I had to use new hardware for the slider, which I purchased at Tractor Supply.  I wanted to match a paint color to the door knob to give it a vintage look.



See, it would look much better in that rubbed bronze finish of the the door knob.


I rested the color calculator on the door plate.  The reading was the color “Deep River”. It will also give you the paint number and what collection it is in.  In this case, the Classic Collection.


I will reveal how the closet sliding track turns out in another blog post.

Let’s say you have a comforter that you want to match paint color to.  The device even works on fabric.



So the background color of this Ralph Lauren comforter is “Brandon Beige”.  WaaLaa!

I got this beautiful duster for my birthday.  I love the background color – it’s a vintage corraly pinky yummy color.  I think it would make a beautiful wall color.  Let’s see what it came up with.



This color name is perfectly me, “Coastal Cottage”.  I love it.


This amazing little device is so incredible and will make your decorating experience so much easier.  So let’s say that no one in your area has such a device.  I have an alternative.  Benjamin Moore has a free app that will come close to the little color calculator I have already described.


This app is not as exact as the device, but it will get you close in the color deck.  You may have to do a little work but it will get you close.  It’s better than nothin, just sayin.

I hope this little tid bit of information was helpful.  Until next time, happy decorating.

For all of you locals, show the scan code below for a discount at All Seasons Paint.