Lipstick, lip gloss, lip liner, mascara, eye shadow, eye liner in front of black and white cow embroidered makeup bag

What’s In Your Makeup Bag?

I don’t know about you, but the older I get the harder I have to try to stay up-to-date.  That applies to decorating, fashion, and beauty.  I am always on Pinterest checking out the latest tips and tricks.  I have also been known to ask perfect strangers what lipstick or eyeshadow they are wearing.  Approaching the professional at the makeup counter whose look you admire and asking their advice is another way to find out about new products.

I thought it would be fun to share with you what makeup products I am currently loving.


First, I am in love with my new makeup bag that I bought from a local boutique, “A Well Stocked Home”.

These products are my everyday go to.

Lets start with my base makeup.


I always start with my favorite, stila – one step skin tone corrector and brightening primer.  It’s the product, in the photo, that is swirled.  I have a lot of redness in the T-zone and this really tones it down.  My favorite foundation right now is Clinique – even better foundation with spf15.  It also helps to even out the skin tone.  Lastly, I add Bobbi Brown – Skin Weightless Powder.  I know that sounds like a lot, but it’s not.  All the products are really light.  Now for a little color on the cheeks.  I am loving Clinique – cheek pop/blush pop in 14 Heather Pop.  It is a very pretty coral color perfect for Summer.

The eyes have it next.


I must have greasy eyelids because I have always had to use a primer on my eyelids or by the afternoon my eye shadow is creased and half off.  Loving this laura mercies primer.   It keeps everything looking fresh well into the evening.

In the past I have used the Urban Decay eyeshadow colors.  The problem is I tend to use the same 3 out of the 12 colors.  I found this, Make Up For Ever at Sephora and picked three colors I thought I would wear most often.

The next two products I can’t live without.  I have used MAC eyeliner in Teddy for probably 10 years.  I have tried others and always come back to this color.

Again I must have greasy eyelids or skin because every other mascara I have ever tried gives me raccoon eyes except for Bobbi Brown – Black  Smudge Proof Mascara.  This is a waterproof mascara. I know a lot of you feel that wearing waterproof mascara every day is too hard on your lashes.  I have not had a problem with breakage and falling out and again have used this product for 10+ years.

Lastly, is the lips.  Even if I wear no other makeup,  I wear lipstick.  I have naturally full lips that are very pale.  If I don’t wear color on them I look like death walking.

I have pictures of me right after child birth with lipstick on.  It cracks me up every time I see it.


These products are tried and true.  I have used all of them for 10+ years.  For lip liner I love Lancome in Sheer Plum and or Portelle.  Portelle is my favorite but it is always out of stock at Nordstrom’s, so it must be popular.  The last two products are my drug store picks. I go through lip color frequently so I was motivated to find products that were less expensive and sometimes on sale.  Maybelline Pink Wink – 105, is my favorite, every day lip color.  I top that off with Revlon lip gloss in Rose Pink – 205.  It is very light and has a little gold sparkle, but not crazy.

I included the links on the products that I could.  I hope this has inspired you to try some new products.