What Inspires Me

With my three year anniversary approaching and a move on the horizon, the last couple of weeks have been a time of reflection and inspiration. So I started jotting down some thoughts.


I am glad I didn’t know then what I know now.  I would have been too afraid and may not have made the leap.

My friends and family have been amazing.  I am able to do what I do because of them.

Creative Inspiration:055be19ab21c4d2f9afff07836c62703Other’s creativity inspires my own.  It is what fuels me.  Sometimes I come up with a completely original idea, but my creativity typically is inspired by someone else (aka Pinterest).a680dbb40996ad6234f263d19df0e328Nature inspires me.  When I have the rare opportunity to spend time outside it rejuvenates me and reminds me to bring more of the outdoors into my home decor.  My favorite outdoor place is the ocean.9ee10fd5e9853a1d0831b6f21d5cd0d8Fresh flowers.  They just make me happy.

Inspirations in Business:

Other women in business.  It is because of other women business owners that I have the courage to forge on.  The encouragement and inspiration, kind words and concern.  The impact has no measure.  You truly can do what you love.

About 6 months into my business a woman responded to a Craigslist add I posted.  She arrived at the store to pick up her merchandise, took a moment to ponder and look around.  She then said, “we need to talk”.  She has been mentoring me ever since.  She was the very successful owner of an adorable store in Folsom called, Roost Vintage Living.  Her intuition was to help me.  She didn’t feel competition towards me.  She didn’t feel threatened by me, or that I might find out her trade secrets.  Thank you Lisa,  for taking me under your wing and showing me such kindness.

I have tried to pass this along and help other business owners whenever possible.  There is enough success for everyone.  Give love and kindness and you will get love and kindness tenfold.  It is one of my mantras.

This is us in Roundtop, Texas last Spring.IMG_3848My family:

They love me unconditionally and are always there for me.  They are also why I work so hard.  I want to make a beautiful life for them and show them that they can earn a living doing what they love.View More: you also to the wonderful customers that have passed through my doors.  You also inspire me with your compliments and kind words.

I am so excited to see where I am at in the next three years. It’s gonna be fun.